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BG Nebraska partners with your business to provide:


On Site Training and Consultation

Improved Customer Retention by Servicing and maintaining these critical systems:





Power Steering



Drive Line

Climate Control

OUr Sales Team

Jason Allen

Heath Aufenkamp

Mark Andersen

Colby McPike

John McAuliffe

Mike Morgan

Tanner Steinbach

Kelly Kirby

Justin Galaska


“I recently had to submit a claim for transmission replacement on a pre-owned vehicle. Best experience I’ve had in my 14 years in the industry. Easy and fair to the technician, advisor and the customer. I highly recommend BG to all my customers.”

-Fred H, Council Bluffs, IA, May 2020

“It has been a privilege and honor to do business with…BG. The professionalism, knowledge and cooperation dealing with our various brands is top notch. For four years (my representative) has helped us sell more product to increase our bottom line.”

-Matt H, Omaha NE, May 2020

“We have partnered with BG Nebraska because the products really work….Jason trains my staff and helps us not only on the technical side, but also the sales end, and we have seen significant revenue increases!”

-Don K, Omaha NE, May 2020

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