When Old Man Diesel and Winter Don’t Play Well Together


For a variety of reasons, diesel fuel degrades rapidly and will oxidize when stored even for a short period of time. This causes gums and varnish to form in the fuel system causing fouled injector nozzles and sticking fuel injection components. The results of these conditions are excessive exhaust smoke and a lack of power. When you are hauling heavy loads-the last thing you need is a lack of power problem!

As the temperature drops, wax crystals form in Number Two Diesel Fuel. These wax crystals grow together to form a lattice network, which prevents fuel from flowing.


BG DFC Plus Easy Treat is your winter diesel fuel conditioner solution. DFC Plus prevents entrained moisture from icing and is mixed easily with ALL diesel fuels. It is also an excellent fuel storage stabilizer. DFC Plus with Easy Treat keep fuel system components clean, prevents fuel gelling, correct nozzle fouling, reduces exhaust smoke and protects engine components against rust and corrosion. This fuel additive complies with the Federal low-sulfur requirements for use in diesel vehicles. Catalytic converter, diesel particulate filter and oxygen sensor safe, and unlike our competitors products, DFC Plus contains no alcohol.

BG’s DFC Plus Easy Treat is available in 3 different sizes and treat from 40 gallons of fuel to 26,500 gallons of fuel. Contact us today and we can deliver the BG DFC Plus Easy Treat in the size you need.


In 2007, vehicle manufactures produced vehicles that utilize high-pressure common rail fuel injection.


High Pressure Common Rail diesel injection systems are designed to produce significantly more power.  But, extreme high temperatures and pressures can cause instantaneous breakdown of ULSD fuel into basic carbon form (black fuel). When black fuel circulates, black fuel filter plugging occurs because the carbon formed during fuel breakdown flows through the fuel return and back into the fuel tank. The black fuel is then picked up again to feed the injection system.

BG DFC PlusHP for High Pressure Diesel Injection Systems provides unsurpassed fuel system protection when high operating temperatures and pressures are encountered. Other benefits of BG’s DFC Plus HP is the prevention of formation of the soot-black fuel by-products that plug filters and build deposits, preventing fuel gelling, correcting nozzle fouling, and keeping injectors clean.

This diesel fuel additive complies with the Federal low-sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles. Catalytic converter, diesel particulate filter and oxygen sensor safe and again, unlike many of our competitors, contains no alcohol. Available in different sizes to treat number a variety of tank sizes.


DFC Cetane Improver BG Nebraska
biodiesel BG Nebraska

There are several benefits to biodiesel. Facts like biodiesel is helping to reduce dependance on foreign oil, it’s environmentally friendly and it can be an excellent lubricant. These can all be great benefits of using biodiesel. Just like anything else, there are also some downsides as well. Poor cold weather performance is one of those downsides. Biodiesel is also very hydroscopic, which means it tends to retain water. In freezing temps, the last thing you need is fuel that has iced up due to water content in the fuel system. BG carries several products in our DFC line up to treat biodiesel fuel to help with these conditions. Contact us today to find out more about which BG Diesel Fuel Conditioner product is right for your situation when using biodiesel fuel.



Cold temperatures can cause diesel fuel to congeal and partially solidify.  When fuel is in this condition, it will plug fuel filters and restrict delivery to the injectors.  This results in the vehicle being starved for fuel; which of course can result in a “no start” condition.  The last you want is for your fleet, your customer or yourself to be stranded in freezing weather with a vehicle that won’t start! 

BG Diesel Thaw is a fast, effective means of thawing gelled diesel fuel and restoring fuel flow.  It will liquify thickened fuel and melt ice crystals.  And unlike other popular products on the market for thawing diesel….BG’s Diesel Thaw contains no alcohol!

FUEL TESTING!Diesel-Fuel-Test-BG-Nebraska

BG Nebraska offers an exhaustive diesel fuel analysis program at our ISO 9001 laboratory in Wichita, Kansas. Contact us today to have your diesel fuel tested or to schedule a diesel fuel clinic with one of our representatives.

Don’t let Old Man Winter wreak havoc with your diesel fuel storage tanks, your diesel vehicles, your fleet or your personal vehicle!  Let BG Products help keep you moving; all winter long.


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